Jalepeno Popper Dip


Delicous Jalepeno Popper DipAnyone who loves jalepeno poppers must try my Unstuffed Jalepeno Popper Dip! It’s made with classic flavors we have come to love and expect from jalepeno poppers, cream cheese, pepper jack cheese, green onions, garlic, bacon, and a splash of sriracha sauce, and bakes them inside of a wreath of soft bubble bread that is perfect for dipping. This dip is crazy good and easy to make! My dad, husband and I ate nearly the entire dip for lunch. I’m thinking I’m going to have to make this again for my husband’s draft birthday party! This is a perfect recipe for entertaining! We loved it! You guys have got to make this unstuffed Jalepeno Popper Dip.

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Easy Caramel Rolls

Easy Caramel Rolls

My family loves sweet rolls, especially these Easy Caramel Rolls! Would you believe me if I told you that you can make caramel rolls that taste homemade with only three ingredients and about 5 minutes of prep time?!?!? Well you can! These are so simple and taste like you slaved in the kitchen for hours making them from scratch. My family loves them! The secret behind these sweet shortcut rolls is Rhodes Frozen Cinnamon Rolls. All you need is some heavy cream, dark brown sugar, and 9 frozen cinnamon rolls and you are well on your way. You’ve got to try these! For the complete recipe, just click here

Caramel Rolls



Chocolate Cinnamon Roll Loaf

Easy Chocolate Cinnamon Roll Loaf

This delicious recipe for Chocolate Cinnamon Roll Loaf from Rhodes tastes just like chocolate donuts. My kids loved it! This recipe uses frozen cinnamon rolls and turns them into a fancy dressed up loaf of bread swirled with cinnamon  and laced with chocolate. With only three ingredients and just a few steps this cinnamon chocolate swirl loaf comes together in a snap. It’s a crowd pleaser for sure! I hadn’t ever used frozen cinnamon rolls before and they are amazing. I will be using them more often. The cream cheese icing is fabulous!!! This Chocolate Cinnamon Roll Loaf is a fun creative way to use them. 

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Meatball Sub Bake

Delicious Meatball Sub Bake

We love this Meatball Sub bake so much because it takes all the flavors off my family’s favorite meatball subs and puts them together in a recipe that is easy and delicious. I love this recipe because it fits our busy schedule! I can prepare the dough early in the day, finish assembling it in just a few minutes and let it bake while we are taking care of homework. I love using Rhodes Frozen Rolls because they make baking recipes with fresh bread so easy.  You can find this easy recipe over at the new Rhodes Kids Blog.

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