Meatball Sub Bake

Delicious Meatball Sub Bake

We love this Meatball Sub bake so much because it takes all the flavors off my family’s favorite meatball subs and puts them together in a recipe that is easy and delicious. I love this recipe because it fits our busy schedule! I can prepare the dough early in the day, finish assembling it in just a few minutes and let it bake while we are taking care of homework. I love using Rhodes Frozen Rolls because they make baking recipes with fresh bread so easy.  You can find this easy recipe over at the new Rhodes Kids Blog.

Click here for my Meatball Sub Bake recipe.



Parmesan Garlic Pull Apart Bread

Garlic Parmesan Bread

Does your family like Crazy Bread, you know from Little Cesar’s? Mine does!!! Those delicious garlic cheese bread sticks are the inspiration behind this tasty Parmesan Garlic Pull Apart Bread. My kids made light work of this bread. In fact, I think we all liked it even better than the orignal Crazy Bread. The garlic butter is spread in between layers and baked right into the bread so it isn’t soggy at all. It’s soft and delicious and with only FOUR (one of those being Rhodes Frozen Rolls) ingredients it is super easy to make. Any one can do it! Garlic Parmesan Bread is great to serve with dips like ranch or marinara sauce, or along side spaghetti or other pasta dishes, or any other time you’d want garlic bread. You can find my step by step recipe here at the new Rhodes Kids Baking Blog



Garlic Cheddar Bread

Garlic Cheddar Bread

I love this garlic cheddar bread! It reminds me of the bread my grandfather used to bring home from the bakery when I would visit (before he was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease). This garlic cheddar bread was delicious soft white bread studded with chunks of both garlic and cheddar cheese. We don’t have any bakeries other than those in the grocery stores, so I don’t get specialty breads like this very often. But now I can make it on my own, using an easy recipe that starts with Rhodes frozen dough. I love my cheater recipes so much! Life’s busy and when I can find a product that tastes great, is reliable, and makes life easier, I just want to do a happy dance. Rhodes is all of those things. What is your favorite Rhodes recipe?

Click here for the Garlic Cheddar Recipe



Blue Cheese Chopped Bread

Delicious Blue Cheese Bread

I made this Blue Cheese Chopped Bread recipe from Rhodes the other day and my hubby absolutely loved it – well that is the slice he got to taste before our dog, Lucy, swiped it right off of the table! It smelled divine, so much so, that my son, who doesn’t even like blue cheese wanted to try some (the dog beat him to it). My husband has been asking me to make it again and since Rhodes makes it so easy, I don’t mind at all. All you need is some frozen bread dough and a few extra ingredients (fresh garlic, Parmesan, blue cheese, parsley flakes, and an egg) and your set to go. Click here for the recipe.