Waffle Iron Pizza – Easy Stuffed Pizza Calzones

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I am so excited about this Waffle Iron Pizza that I’m sharing with Rhodes today (Did you know they have a new kids’ blog?) It’s hot out and I really don’t want to turn on my oven – unless brownies are involved and it’s still questionable even then. These pizzas start with my favorite Rhodes’ frozen dinner rolls and are made super quick in  a waffle iron for a no bake treat! We made simple pepperoni stuffed pizzas, but you could use your favorite toppings. 

You can find the full Waffle Iron Pizza recipe here. You are going to love these! Trust me!



I’ve been up to some fun new things lately – lots of digital design work and party planning, baby showers, princess tea parties, Frozen Fever, and team spirit stuff – is anyone interested in a peak :)?

Red Velvet Cookies and Cream Bars (No Bake)

Red Velvet Oreo Bars

Red Velvet Cookies and Cream Bars. Chewy. No Bake. Red Velvet Oreos. Marshmallows. Butter. THREE INGREDIENTS. It doesn’t get much better. Does it? Seriously? Do you remember these Chewy No Bake Oreo Bars? They are to die for. I knew the moment I saw Red Velvet Oreos in the store that I was going to make a variation of those bars with them. I had to play around with it a little bit because the Red Velvet Oreos have way more filling than regular oreos and so the cookie-marshmallow ratio was off. My first batch (three packages of Oreos with two bags of marshmallows were good, but ended up more like marshmallows with pieces of Oreos mixed in. My middle son loved them. But I wanted less marshmallow and more cookie. The resulting Red Velvet Cookies and Cream Bars use 2 packages of cookies and 1/2 stick of butter per 10 oz of marshmallows. Now aren’t you glad that you have me to solve these kinds of problems for you :)? You are going to love these because they are delicious and easy chewy no bake bars that are sure to make amazing sweet valentines. You can even use a cookie cutter to cut them into hearts instead of regular bars. I sure hope that Nabisco keeps these babies around for awhile.  Continue reading

Raspberry Bubble Bake

Easy Raspberry Bubble Bake

This Raspberry Bubble Bake is delicious – it reminds me of jelly donuts – all mixed up into a casserole. It’s one of those recipes that doubles as either a breakfast treat or a delicious dessert! Sometimes I skip the glaze and top it with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. And what’s even better is that it starts off with Rhodes frozen dinner rolls  and uses ready made pie filling which makes it super easy to boot. Click here for the recipe.

Raspberry Bubble Bake