Cabbage Roll Casserole

Delicious Cabbage Roll CasseroleMy mom is a rock star. I’m pretty sure that I’ve already told you she’s amazing in about a million ways -knowing how to cook is just one of them. She makes the most delicious cabbage rolls ever. Everyone loves them. They are requested for birthdays and other holidays, Super Bowl parties, funeral dinners, and new baby and get well dinners. She even made them for our wedding reception. They are one of my favorite meals, and while I love everything about the way she makes them, I am just not a point in my life where I am willing to find time to put everything together into neat individual meat stuffed cabbage pockets. It’s just not going to happen. Priorities, right? I also don’t feel right asking my mom to make a batch every time I get hungry for them (she probably would, she’s always spoiling me like that), so I created my own unstuffed lazy cabbage roll casserole. My Cabbage Roll Casserole has all the flavors, ground beef, bacon, spices, and sauerkraut, in a light tomato based sauce that her beloved cabbage rolls have, but layered like lasagna rather then all rolled up individually. It doesn’t take nearly a fraction of the time to make, and I love it just about as much as I do the real things (I said “just about,” everything tastes better when mom makes it). The only thing missing is the rice in the meat mixture, which I leave out due to family allergies (FPIES) to rice. I’m sure you could add a cup or two, maybe a cup and half of COOKED rice to the meat mixture and it’d turn out great, but I’ve never tried it yet because I don’t want to make my daughter sick. This is one of those recipes that is almost better as leftovers and freezes really well. I’ve assembled it the day before and kept it covered in the fridge until it’s time to bake, and always been extremely happy with how it turns out. I love to pop frozen leftovers in the microwave for lunch too (so good). You are going to love this delicious recipe because it is such an easy way to take care of your cabbage roll cravings.   Continue reading

Cookies and Cream Magic Bar Pie (Dessert Mash-Up Cookbook)

Delicious Cookies and Cream Magic Bars

I have been so excited to share this Cookies and Cream Magic Bar Pie recipe, and the cookbook it comes from, Dessert Mashups: Tasty Two-in-One Treats Including Sconuts, S’morescake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie and Many More, with you! Dorothy Kern, from Crazy For Crust put together this new full color cookbook (how cool is that?!) featuring 52 crazy twisted mouth watering recipes that you are sure to love. I know I do. With it’s two-in-one treats you’ll be able to make new fun treats from morning until night. Just check out this line up: Blueberry Muffin Waffles, Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins, S’mores Cookies, Turtle Pudding Pie, Brownie Peppermint Bark, Sugar Cookie Dough Cups, Cake Batter Blondies, and Tiramisu Dip, just to name a few. I bet you found a few treats on that list that you’d just love to make! Right?! Let get you started by giving you this recipe for Cookies and Cream Magic Bar Pie (make sure to keep reading after the recipe, I’ve got one copy of this fabulous book up for grabs) Continue reading

Orange Sticky Buns

Easy Overnight Orange Sticky Buns

I don’t know if you remember my family’s favorite sticky buns? The ones that are our Christmas breakfast tradition? I’ve taken that recipe and twisted it with another one of our favorites, orange rolls, to create these magnificent Orange Sticky Buns. These delicious soft sweet rolls use Rhodes Frozen Dinner Rolls, and a delicious orange flavored caramel sauce to make an easy breakfast treat that you are going to love because they are so simple to make! You put everything together before you go to bed, wake up the next morning and turn the oven on, let the rolls bake for about 30 minutes and dig in. It doesn’t get much better than this, I promise! If you’d like the recipe for these new Easy Overnight Orange Sticky Buns, click here.

Easy Overnight Orange Sticky Buns


Buffalo Wing Bites Taste of Home Feature

TOH Buffalo Wing Bites FeatureI had the best surprise! My friend, Miranda, over at Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt messaged me on Facebook and Instagram with a picture of my recipe and picture that had been published in Taste of Homes, 2014 Winner’s Magazine (Summer 2014 Edition).

We’ve actually never met in person, but she still recognized me from the crazy blog world we are friends in:). I had no clue that it had been featured! What a great surprise! My recipe for Buffalo Wing Bites won second place in Taste of Homes’ All About Dough Contest in the Oct/Nov edition 2013. Even though it wasn’t the Grand Prize winner, I was still pretty excited about it. It’s an awesome recipe but I hadn’t expected it to be featured again, with a full page photo, isn’t their photo gorgeous,

and my picture too boot this time. Like I said, way exciting!!! I wanted to share the news with you all and also to highlight the recipe in case you missed it. You can find it by clicking here. I also wanted to take a moment to thank every one of you for your continued support. Every time you take a second to click, comment, share or print a recipe means the world to me. It’s what makes the blog possible and drives it forward. It truly wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for you. Thank you!!!!

Buffalo Wing Bites