Superbowl Printables and Football Centerpiece Tutorial

Football Printables with Football Centerpiece TutorialYou guys, I’m so excited about these Superbowl Printables and Football Centerpiece Tutorial!!!! I can’t tell you how many times I could have used these in the past couple of years. I’ve always got my eye out for unique sports inspired party decor and gifts. Aren’t you? I love a beautiful bouquet of flowers just as much as anyone else, but sometimes I need something with a little more sport and a little less flower. You know what I mean?

My friend, Sarah from Sarah Berry Designs, and I have teamed up to bring you this winning football centerpiece. She’s the queen of creativity and hit it out of the park with her amazing football vases. I’ve created the perfect finishing touch for them with my DIY printable pennants. We’ve put together a special super bowl package for you that has Sarah’s tutorial so you can make your own football centerpiece vase AND my DIY digital printables (includes three variations: original, blue/red (Patriots) and Midnight Green (Eagles). You can find them here at a special introductory price of $1.99 $2.97. Yes, we are so excited about teaming up together that we are offering these special Superbowl printables and football centerpiece tutorial for only $2.97. The printables normally cost that much alone so hurry and grab before the sale ends!

Centerpieces, Coaches Gifts, and Birthday Parties

These aren’t only great centerpieces, they would make amazing coaches gifts! In fact, I’ll be adding a printable geared just for coachesnso stay tuned.  And do you need a fun hostess gift for the party you’ve been invited too? I think I might start saving my son’s old footballs so we can do these for a future banquet (gasp – wouldn’t that be too cool?) These would make the perfect addition to a football themed birthday party as well. How else would you use them? And let me tell you, cupcake toppers, straw pennants and other coordinating party printables are on the way. Be on the watch for these.

Not feeling crafty? That’s ok! Sarah’s got you covered. You can purchase a completed vase here. I’ve got the printables sold separately here. Check back because more color options are on the way as well as cupcake toppers, straw pennants, and bunting. We’ll make sure your party is a huge hit! 

DIY Football Printables with Superbowl Centerpiece Tutorial

I don’t know if you noticed or not, but I’ve stared something called Good Reads. I’m so excited that I found something called Audible because now I have time to read again. Well with Audible I actually listen to stories which is awesome because I can enjoy the books I’ve missed so much while I exercise or work or drive. I link you to some of my favorite reads there too. Check back because I’m just about to update it with some of my latest. 

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Ring in 2018 with a One Word New Year’s Resolution

One Word Resoultion

It’s time to ring in a new year…. Where does time go? While some of us are sad to see 2017 go and others simply cannot wait to start another year I suspect we all find ourselves in some state of reflection thinking about where we have been and where we have yet to go. I’m no different. While I like the thought of new year resolutions, I often get lost in creating them. It’s funny how simple things often end up so complicated. Thinking of all I have yet to do on this journey of mine can be overwhelming. But one word, I can ring in 2018 with a one word New Year’s resolution.

It takes a lot of thought to pick even one word but that word, that one simple goal, serves me well. Yet again as my life chases along and I’m moving forward with business plans grow seems to be a good pick. Almost 6 years ago, things got a little crazy and I lost some presence here. It’s part of my journey that I plan on sharing with you in the future. In fact I’ve got lots of new fun things planned for JCD this year. There will be more recipes and printables, more of my story, and more from the design side of JCD. Did you know I design logos and help companies with branding products, create digital invitations and themed parties, or that I recently opened my own store featuring products from JCD? Things are brewing here and I have BIG plans for the next year but I still know that my family is my number one, They are my heart and soul and because of this, BALANCE will be my word.  I plan to work really hard and to play even harder and  I know without balance I cannot succeed. So balance it is. Balance will be my center. 

What about you? Where does 2017 leave you? What do you have in store for 2018? Is there something you believe you need to center your journey on, to create a foundation to spring from? Will you ring in 2018 with a one word New Year’s resolution? One word. What will you focus on?

Unstuffed Crab Poppers

Delicious Unstuffed Crab Poppers

If there is anything you have learned from me during this blogging adventure it’s that I have a serious weakness for dips and these Unstuffed Crab Poppers are certainly no exception. There’s something  about garlicky cheese dips spread over top of a piece of delicious bread that I cannot resist! I can’t think of a better way to serve hot dips then in a ring of fresh baked bread for dipping. Can you? I love how Rhodes gives that from scratch taste without all the work. Crackers don’t stand a chance! Remember this jalapeno popper dip? That’s exactly what I’m talking about! This time we are making a creamy, cheesy crab dip that is one of my all time favorites! Can’t go wrong there, can you?  I love how pretty this bakes up – it’s perfect for the holidays.

So let’s get started! Shall we? First spray a baking dish, I like to use pie plates, with non stick cooking spray. Place 8 or 9 rolls inside the dish and let them soften for about an hour or just until they are soft.

Unstuffed Crab Poppers

Now grab a pair of clean scissors and cut each roll into fourths. Carefully arrange the dough bits into a ring around the outside of the baking dish. Just like this.

Unstuffed Crab Poppers

Now that that is ready it’s time to make the creamy crab dip. You’ll do this by mixing together a little cream cheese, mayonnaise, crab meat, garlic, ground mustard, and green onions. So so yummy!

Unstuffed Crab Poppers

When you’ve got that all mixed together carefully spoon it into the center of the dough bits. It will bake right along the bread. When it’s finished you’ll have fresh baked poppers ready for dipping. It’s like a one stop appetizer shop :).

Unstuffed Crab Poppers

Now it’s time to bake it. You’ll bake it for 20 to 30 minutes covered with foil (depends on how big your dish is). Then take the foil off and bake for another 10 minutes to let things get golden brown. Carefully remove from your Unstuffed Crab Poppers from the oven. Let it cool for a few minutes before serving and then enjoy!


Unstuffed Crab Poppers
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
30 mins
Total Time
40 mins
A delicious creamy crab dip baked inside of a ring of fresh baked bread dippers.
Author: Jasey's Crazy Daisy
  • 8 or 9 Rhodes frozen dinner rolls
  • 8 oz. cream cheese softened (I like to use the 1/3 less fat kind because it doesn’t bake up greasy)
  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise
  • 1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese heaping
  • 4 medium green onions sliced (@ 1/4 cup)
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon ground mustard
  • 2 cloves of garlic minced or grated
  • 1 6 oz. can crab meat, drained
  1. Place 8 or 9 frozen rolls in a 9-inch pie pan that has been sprayed with cooking spray. Let them thaw for about an hour or just until soft. Cut each roll into fourths. Arrange the dough bits into a ring around the pan. Meanwhile prepare dip by stirring all ingredients together until well combined. Spread into a shallow baking dish. Carefully spoon dip into the center of the bread ring. Gently lift the dough bits and spread the dip under them if necessary. Cover loosely with foil, really just set foil over the top and bake on 350 for 20 minutes. If dip looks like it's just about done remove foil and bake for another 10 minutes or until the bread is a golden brown. If not, let it baked covered for another 10 minutes before removing the foil to finish baking.
Delicious Unstuffed Crab Poppers
***I was compensated for this post but all opinions remain my own.

Easy Thanksgiving Leftover Sliders

Thanksgiving Sandwiches


Last year I posted a grilled Thanksgiving sandwich, but this year I decided to switch things up and use my new favorite warm and heat rolls and make these Easy Thanksgiving Leftover Sliders. I’ve got to say I like them even better – and for lots of reasons. Since I use these rolls, it takes only a matter of seconds to start my sandwich on rolls that taste like they were just baked without ever mixing, kneading, rising, or baking. In fact, I didn’t even have to turn on the oven if I didn’t want to. Which I didn’t. I totally popped these babies in the microwave for a few seconds. Shut the front door, RIGHT?!?  Seriously, after turkey day, who really wants to spend any more time in the kitchen? Then I added my favorite Thanksgiving trimmings… some turkey, a little stuffing, some cranberry sauce, and a little cheese. You could add mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes or what ever it is that you like. You could build your sandwich with hot or cold leftovers as well. That’s what is so fun about these sliders. I plan on popping some rolls in the over the day after Thanksgiving and lining up a little slider buffet for my family while they are baking. I figure while they are getting all soft and delicious, I will set everything out with serving spoons. When the rolls have finished baking I’ll set them at the start of the line with a bread knife and plates and let everyone build their own sammies. Are you with me? Totally yummy! Totally easy! It’s a win-win, isn’t it? And you can be sure that after I’ve had my Thanksgiving Leftover Slider I will be digging in to a slice of pumpkin pie with real sweetened whipped cream. I know you wouldn’t expect anything less of me. 

Easy Thanksgiving Leftover Sliders
Delicious and easy sliders to make Thanksgiving leftovers super tasty.
Author: Jasey's Crazy Daisy
  • Rhodes Warm-N-Serv Rolls
  • Turkey
  • Cranberries
  • Stuffing - or dressing whatever you call it
  • Sliced Cheese
  • Other Thanksgiving leftovers
  • Condiments
  1. Heat rolls as directed on package. Slice rolls and stuff with your favorite Thanksgiving leftovers. Enjoy.
Recipe Notes
It would be easy to set up a build your own sandwich buffet to serve your family. While the rolls are baking, line up all your leftovers on the counter and table top with serving utensils. Place the rolls with plates and a bread knife at the start of the line and let your crowd serve themselves. Easy and delicious!