Butter Toffee Chex Mix {Christmas Crack Chex Mix}

Butter Toffee Chex MixMy mom goes kind of crazy at Christmas – a good kind of crazy, unless you are worried about your waistline expanding, then maybe it’s not so good. She and my dad host Christmas Eve and let me tell you, they know how to throw a party. She always makes sure she’s got a special treat for everyone. Prime Rib. Chicken Wings. Banya Calda. Durt Dip. Poticia. Fudge. Cherry Nut Bread. Pizzelles. Hot Buttered Rum. Sugar Cookies. I could go on and on. For as long as I can remember  Butter Toffee Crunch has been on the menu. I’ve always found it’s crunchy toffee bottom and smooth creamy chocolate topping that’s sprinkled with finely ground nuts irresistible. While I was creating my S’mores Chex Mix, I had one of those light bulb moments after adding the chocolate to my original Caramel Chex when I noticed that it tastes just like Butter Toffee Crunch, or even Saltine Toffee (or Christmas Crack as so many of you know it by). Adding just that bit of chocolate transforms it into this Butter Toffee Chex Mix goodness that you’re going to find difficult to resist which is why you totally want to make this. Don’t ask how I know. I think it tastes a little like Almond Roca too. Even though I sprinkled mine with finely ground walnuts, you could  use sliced or slivered almonds or pecans or what ever other kind of nut that you like. And if you really just cannot stand nuts, just leave them out. No worries, it will still taste like toffee, kind of like Heath or Skors candy bars. I think you are going to love this Butter Toffee Chex Mix recipe because it’s incredibly easy to make, feeds a crowd, and it crazy addicting.  Continue reading

Homemade M&M Soft Batch Cookies

Homemade M&M Soft Batch CookieWe love cookies around here (Facebook friends, you all know this :) ) and these Homemade M&M Soft Batch Cookies are no exception. In fact, they’ve quickly become my family’s new favorite cookies. I have a standard cookie recipe that has always been my go-to recipe, and they will always have a place in my kitchen, but they don’t stay soft like these ones do and as my son says, “sometimes you just want a soft cookie.” Right you are, I couldn’t have said it better kiddo! I actually took that old standby cookie recipe of mine and tweaked it so that it would make soft batch cookies because I already knew the flavor wouldn’t disappoint – nobody wants a disappointing cookie, do they? Continue reading

You Are One Smart Cookie Printable

One Smart Cookie Printable CD Envelope TagIt’s nearly fall – the one time of the year that I love and hate all at the same time!!! I love a break from the hot temperatures, the beautiful colors, and the flavors – especially pumpkin. Back to school . Back to school. Back to school- it’s everywhere! Every ad, every corner of every store – even Oreos have a special welcome back special edition cookie. When I was a teacher (before I was mom) I loved this time of year! It meant I would be back in my classroom with my students. There wasn’t anything I loved more or anywhere else I wanted to be. But now I’m mom and I hate that I have to send my kids back to school and share them with the rest of the world – that their teachers, wonderful as they are, get to spend so much of the day with them. I love having them home. We have so much fun together and I cherish every minute. But I can’t change that they have to go to school so I guess I’d better make the best of it (thank heavens my mini’s only two and I have a few years before I have to send her). Anyways, all this back to school stuff has me thinking of fun ways, like this You Are One Smart Cookie Printable to let them know that even though they are at school, I’m out in this big crazy world somewhere cheering for them. My kids are so smart (aren’t yours ;) ) and who wouldn’t like to be reminded how smart they are while enjoying a yummy cookie? Continue reading

DIY Upcycled Succulent Planters

Upcycled Succulent PlanterBeautiful succulent gardens are popping up everywhere. I’ve seen gorgeous succulent arrangements used everywhere from sophisticated wedding arrangements to intriguing wall art, interesting patio gardens, colorful ground cover, and even low maintenance terrariums and other home decor plants. My favorite upcycled succulent planters are at the local nursery where they have transformed old everyday items into really fun plants for your home decor. They have an old teapot succulent garden on display that is so whimsical and charming that I couldn’t help but adore it – but it’s not for sale. They also have planted succulents in old enamel mugs which are also super cute, but when I started thinking about it, I knew that I could make the same kind of plants with more bang for my buck and personalize them as much as I want to. So this is what I did. Continue reading