Puffed Wheat Cake

Olympics, Olympics, Olympics! Isn’t it exciting? With all of this talk about the 2010 Winter Olympics, I cannot help but think about Canada, or rather our much missed Canadian friends. Before we moved to Wyoming, we spent a lot of time with them. Fun times! Glenda often made this wonderful Canadian treat, Puffed Wheat Cake, to share with us. It seems Puffed Wheat Cake is quite a big treat in Canada. I remember we celebrated our friendship over a batch of this chocolaty treat, at a barbeque in the park, just before we moved. And with the big GOLD MEDAL hockey game today, Canada vs. The United States,  How could I resist? I know if we were able to watch together, we would have Puffed Wheat Cake! Reminiscent of Rice Krispie Treats, only chocolaty, made of wheat… and Canadian, Puffed Wheat Cake is delicious. So in the spirit of my Canadian friends I had to make it today to enjoy during the BIG GAME. GO USA!!!!!!!

Just in case you are wondering, this is what Puffed Wheat looks like. You will find it in the cereal section at the grocery store.

Puffed Wheat Cake

1 cup brown sugar

½ cup dark corn syrup
½ cup butter
2 Tablespoons cocoa
1 tsp. vanilla
8 cups plain puffed wheat

First, butter a 9×13 pan. Pour the puffed wheat into a large bowl. Trust me, the larger the bowl, the easier to stir and the less of a mess in the end! In a saucepan, bring brown sugar, corn syrup, butter, cocoa, and vanilla to a boil. Stir frequently so it doesn’t burn. The mixture will melt together and turn into a smooth chocolatey sauce. Now, pour the chocolate mixture over the puffed wheat. Gently mix together until the puffed wheat is coated evenly. Pour into prepared pan. Now use the back of a spatula and press, press, press the mixture down. Let cool. Cut into squares and enjoy!

See…. kind of like Rice Krispie Treats, only Canadian, chocolaty, and wheat!





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