Recipe Bridal Shower

There is not only one, but three weddings in my near future, two of which are happening somewhere other than where I live. Both of these brides are very dear to my heart, and I know if I were closer, I would throw showers for them. There has to be some fun way to celebrate with them! And than I remembered an idea that my husband’s cousin Codi came up with when her little brother was getting married… a Recipe Bridal Shower. What a perfect idea! Here’s how it works…

First, you ask the bride, or someone close to the bride if you a going for a surprise, to send you addressses of those close family members or friends that she would like to receive recipes from (technically the invitation list).

While you are waiting for the addresses, you create cute little invitation cards. Not your normal invite, since there isn’t actually a party to attend, but you are inviting them to help celebrate in a special way…

Next, purchase a fun little recipe book like this (you may have to purchase additional cards):

Take the cards and send them to the bride’s guest list. You may want to include self-addressed stamped envelopes to encourage your guests to respond with their favorite recipes.

Voila! As the bride compiles her recipes into the cookbook, she creates a special wedding keepsake. Isn’t that fun?
And let’s not leave that third bride out just because she lives in town.  With just a few adjustments of the invite card, I am using the, Wedding Cookbook, as her gift.
Happy Day!

4 thoughts on “Recipe Bridal Shower

  1. Danielle

    What a great gift idea! I don’t think I’m planning any showers in my near future but I’ll have to keep this one in the back of my mind :)

  2. gnee

    Fabulous and fun idea that anyone would appreciate for any special occasion. I’m thinking for a new coed heading off to college this would be a great party! Thanks for such a delightful idea…

  3. Pandamonium

    This is SUCH a cute idea! I’m getting married in 2012 and I may try to incorporate this somehow. :) It’d be so cool to have recipes from all the guests, plus my fiancé is a chef. He would love to get a bunch of recipes. :D


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