Butterfly Wreath

I absolutely fell in love with this over at MaryJanes and Galoshes and just had to have one. I love how simple, soft, and beautiful it is. Taylor, the creative genius at MJandG, is truly an inspiration! Be sure to go on over and visit. I  promise, you will find at least one thing you simply must try.

Now back to the Butterfly Wreath… isn’t it pretty? AND you will NEVER EVER guess what it is made of! Ready?

Brown lunch sacks! Who would have known brown paper bags could transform into something so amazing (and so CHEAP)?

If you want one, you will need:

Brown lunch bags
Hot glue gun
Unsharpened pencil
Foam wreath form
Scalloped circle punch

Start punching! I used a lot of scalloped circles. Way more than Taylor over at MJandG’s. I think I placed my lunch bag daisies a little more tightly together, thus the need for more. I am sure you’ll figure out what look works for you as you get going. I found those round white frosting containers, with the little red lids work perfectly for keeping your paper daisies organized and in one spot while you work on your project – not that I ever buy frosting (HA!). It was helpful to have them contained so I could put them away inbetween work sessions and didn’t end up with them all over the floor.

After you have a pretty good stack of daisies, wrap one around the unsharpened end of a pencil, dab with hot glue, and gently push it into the wreath. Keep going until your wreath is full of paper daisies. Click here for Taylor’s tutorial.

Can you imagine the possibilities? I followed suit with butterflies, even blue, because I already have a blue flutterbly bathroom. But wouldn’t green or lavender be gorgeous? Think… satin riboon. Hmmm, I may be making another one of these!

If you want to use butterflies, MJ&G has a wonderful template that I used to make mine. I used cardstock so they would hold their fluttering shape. Now, trace, cut, bend, and glue, and you are finished!


44 thoughts on “Butterfly Wreath

  1. rachel

    Just saw your blog on New Friend Friday. It’s a day late, but I’m sure you don’t mind!

    I love this wreath idea. Really simple and fun! I think I would make one with little paper silhouettes of birds. Thanks for sharing your interpretation!

  2. Laura

    You did a really great job. Brown paper bags?? How creative!

    I’m featuring a necklace tutorial and giveaway. I’d love it if you stopped by my blog!

  3. Holly

    That is a fun wreath…I may have to try this…I have lots of paper bags left from my $5 Challenge project. Thanks for sharing.
    504 Main

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