Tuesday Tastes (20)

Welcome to Tuesday Tastes! If you haven’t gotten around to looking at last week’s links, give a click here. There are some tasty recipes you will want to grab which brings me to the People’s Choice Award! The link with the most views goes to

This is such a fun recipe! You get the all the tastes of a corn dog without the frying! You have to love being able to the healthy twist! I know I do! Wander over and grab this one for your recipe box!

I can’t wait to see what’s been cooking in your kitchens! I am sure to find some inspiration with all of my amazing cooking friends. I love learning from each of you! Let’s get this party rolling!

**Please note, this party is reserved for recipes – if I can’t make it in my kitchen, please save it for a different party. Also, please grab a button or link back to this post. If you aren’t linked back to the party, your recipe will be disqualified for the People’s Choice Award and/or deleted.
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9 thoughts on “Tuesday Tastes (20)

  1. Ott, A.

    I’ve been out at our state fair all week and already ate a corn dog, but your version looks much more appetizing. Thanks for hosting again this week.

  2. Debbi Does Dinner Healthy

    That corn dog muffin really does look good. Think there is a low cal version of that??

    I entered 2 recipes by accident in the Tuesday Tastes. I was linking up 2 recipes on different sites and didn’t realize where I was. That’s what happens when I have 3 kids running around asking me questions and I’m trying to link up quick before putting them to bed!! My fault!! I’ll just link in the other recipe, thanks!!

  3. 21st Century Housewife©

    Those corn dog muffins look wonderful. It’s a great recipe for me because they don’t make or serve corn dogs in England, but I can get all the ingredients for the Tidy Nest’s recipe so I can now make my own! Thanks for hosting another Tuesday Tastes – have a great week!


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