There’s Another Nightmare in my Blog

Those Nightmares are back and I wish they would just go away! It seems that if you are using Google Friend Connect to follow Crazy Daisy, chances are that you have missed a lot! For some reason, my blog is stuck and hasn’t been updating for all you amazing followers! So if you have been relying on GFC for updates, you might not have seen my…

This is just a sample of what’s in my recipe box – if you’ve been missing out, check it out! Now, food isn’t all Crazy Daisy has to offer! Did you see?
If you like what you see, take a peek at my Idea Book!!! Hopefully, I can get this Google Connect issue fixed – I have been trying, but nothings fixed the issue yet. If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know AND don’t forget to check back in the meantime!!! I am hoping to share my Ribbon Ghost Halloween Wreath, some Halloween traditions from my home, and an idea to help use all that extra Halloween candy that’s sneaking through our front doors. You don’t want to miss out! 
PS – Wish me luck, hopefully this appeared in all of your readers….

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