Caramel Sticky Buns

These sticky buns were one of the very first things ever shared on Crazy Daisy. They are so amazing, and so easy, that they merit a repost now that I have a few more followers, who may just be looking for the perfect breakfast treat to serve during the holiday season! This is one of those recipes that truly takes me back! I have many childhood memories of mornings my family shared these special sticky buns when mom treated us with something extraordinary! Who could resist the taste of fresh baked bread especially when its dripping with rich sweet gooey caramel? Now, I love to make them as well, and a recipe like this is perfect for those times when you want to treat without fussing in the kitchen. Even though these sticky buns taste as if you spent hours kneading dough, and the caramel drizzle is ridiculously good, they are so very easy! Let’s just face it, sometimes the cook has more important things to do than slaving over sweetbread dough, especially, when no one will notice or even care that these babies landed in the middle of the table instead. Promise! Besides, there has to be time for unwrapping wrapping presents, eating baking cookies, and enjoying all the other holiday activities you have planned! I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to miss out on any of the holiday fun, and I don’t have to with recipes as amazing as this one! Trust me, surprise your family one Saturday morning over their winter break, or better yet, surprise them Christmas morning!
Caramel Sticky Buns
  1. 18 frozen dinner rolls (Rhodes work perfectly)
  2. ½ package (3.5 oz) butterscotch cook & serve pudding (NOT INSTANT)
  3. 1 stick butter
  4. ¾ cup brown sugar
  5. chopped nuts – optional
  1. Grease or spray a bundt pan with non-stick oil. Sprinkle with nuts (optional). Place frozen rolls in pan. Now, sprinkle HALF of the package of pudding over rolls. Make sure the pudding is NOT the instant kind! Melt butter and brown sugar together and pour over rolls. Sprinkle with a few more chopped nuts. Cover pan with greased foil and put a dishtowel over the foil. Place in a warm place overnight (the oven works great, as long as it is turned off). In the morning, bake at 325 degrees for ½ hour. Invert immediately onto a large plate.
  1. Now, doubling this recipe works out great. Not only are there just enough rolls for two pans in one package, but you will be able to save the other half of the pudding from dusting you cupboards as you use it for the second pan. I usually make one with nuts and one without. That way everyone is happy!
  2. I have also found that if you want to treat your kids after school, you can do all the prep work in the morning before you leave and bake them when the kiddos get home! Who wouldn't want to come home to a plate full of these?
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