Valentine Stockings & Stuffer Ideas

Do you have Valentine Stockings? We do, and my kiddos love them! Ours are pretty simple, I just sewed two felt hearts together, turned them inside out, glued felt initials on them, attached a little ribbon loop, and hung them from wreath hangers on our bedroom doors. I live in a house of boys, and so this is as fancy as they would tolerate – but had I had girls under my roof I could see letting them decorating them with felt flowers and hearts, gems, ribbons, buttons, and lace. And, I suppose anything would work – even decorating and hanging manila envelopes. The point is to have something accessible to trade notes, cards, and small treats with. This year, I even found these cute monkeys at the dollar store to hang with the stockings for a surprise. My kids have a blast getting paper, crayons, scissors, and glue out making notes and cards to surprise everyone with. Sometimes, we leave thank yous when someone has helped us, and sometimes the mood just strikes and we want to share our love. Sometimes I sneak little treats, a sucker, or snack size candy bar in for a little sweet fun! And lately, I have found so many wonderful free printables out there, I have been using them as stuffers as well. Here are some I thought I would share with you. Make sure to say hello for me when you go visiting!

Wouldn’t it be fun to print a bunch and keep them in a basket for everyone to share at will? I think that is on my agenda next!

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