Words to Love By {Don’t Blink}

Teach my to number my days and count every moment, before they slip away
Since the day my first little one was born, I have told myself over and over – just don’t blink, always afraid of missing something as my kiddos grow just that quickly! It doesn’t seem to matter what I do, they grow much faster than I would like. There have been certain circumstances in my life that have led to understanding that just because a child is 6 months old, or six years old, tomorrow is not guaranteed. When I was in the seventh grade, we lost my baby cousin, 15 days after his second birthday. Tragically, I learned early in my life that even with their youth, there simply is no guarantee. And it is so easy to take them for granted as we eagerly look ahead and dream of our children’s’ future – it’s just natural. Appreciating everyday single day, almost to the minute, with my kids is something I work very hard at. It’s almost an obsession. But I need to expand this realization even broader, because life, not just my children’s growing up, happens in a blink. Toys everywhere, who cares, have a play date – no one will remember those toys, but hopefully they will remember the friendship. Right?  Which is where this song comes in as it speaks to my soul, reminding me to live knowing my days are numbered. I don’t want to miss a second or to look back asking what it is that I have done with my life. Slow it down before I turn around and its yesterday. I think it all comes down to presence. Once we learn to be present in our individual lives, then we can branch out giving others our presence. I can’t think of better gift to give, as it substantiates our relationships and lets our loved ones know just how important they are to us.
What or who do you take for granted? I love to know I’m not alone…

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4 thoughts on “Words to Love By {Don’t Blink}

  1. Tiffannie

    ” Don’t just count your blessings, CELEBRATE them!”
    I have been thinking about how I could celebrate my loved ones. I know how much they mean to me and that they are the reason that I do everything that I do, but do they?! I’m going to have a blast making sure they do.

  2. Kel

    I definitely think about this daily. Many of my friends wonder why I don’t take “girl” trips without my family. I’m just so afraid to miss the little moments. And I love Tiffannie’s quote…Celebrate them… I will!

  3. thecountrycook

    I think we all get into that rut of taking the people we love most for granted. I suppose my eyes were truly opened when we lost my husband’s Mom at a very young age and it was very sudden and took us all by surprise. I don’t look at life the same way. But we all need reminding sometime!
    By the way – I’m your newest follower. Lovin your blog!


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