You’re Dynamite Teacher Appreciation Gift {Teacher, Dad, Valentine, and anyone else} Free Printable Tag

I am totally excited about this You’re Dynamite Teacher Appreciation gift idea! Why? Because my son is totally excited to give them out. I have tons of cute ideas, but some aren’t necessarily the kind of ideas that make my son excited. It’s difficult to find things that just aren’t too girly. Even though this isn’t pink with flowers or bows, I think girls might even like this as well. I have tags made for teachers, dads and grandpas, and some that aren’t specific at all so you can use them for whoever you want to. I am going to use those for the boys on my soccer team. They are 6. They named themselves The Dynamites. Won’t these be perfect!?
You will need:
1. Red card stock (You will get 4 per 8×11.5″ piece)
2. Pencil
3. Ruler
4. Cord, twine, pipe cleaners, or other semi-stiff rope-like material for the fuses and tying everything together
5. Rolos
6. Double-sided tape and or hot glue gun
7. White card stock or paper to print tags on
First you need to make your Rolo wraps. You need squares that are 3 1/2×4 5/8″. See below for how I measured. You will have 4 wrappers for every piece, so you can plan accordingly.
Next, wrap your Rolos. Use double-sided tape or hot glue. I tried both ways, and preferred using hot glue. Make three for one dynamite bundle.
Then, glue two together with the seams hidden in the middle. Place the fuse on top. The fuse can be made of just about anything. Try to find something that will hold shape though, as ribbon would just flop over. This cord worked pretty well, but pipe cleaners would also work, or even twine. Glue third stick on top. Wrap with cord, tie, and attach tag. I cut my cord extra long and wrapped two or three times, just because I thought it looked more authentic.

If you would like to make single sticks, which I am doing for my soccer team (can’t see moms thrilled with the boys receiving THREE bars of candy) just tape the fuse inside the wrapper before rolling it up.

Way too much fun!!! Totally reminds me of the Road Runner or Tom and Jerry! I would love for you to download and use my tags for personal use. Would you mind leaving a comment? I love hearing that  they are being used! Here they are…

Dynamite Teacher Printable

Father’s Day Tags can be found here.
Tags for every occasion can be found here.

Again, I used a 3-inch punch. But you could trace around a glass or even cut them into squares if you wanted. I left a couple for tags without specific labels on them on each sheet, just in case you needed one for an uncle, principal, or some other dynamite person. Enjoy!

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14 thoughts on “You’re Dynamite Teacher Appreciation Gift {Teacher, Dad, Valentine, and anyone else} Free Printable Tag

  1. Dawn

    What a great idea! Love it! I just finished with Teacher Appreciation at our school and I’m saving this for next year-this would be so cute to stick in the teacher’s mailboxes!


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