You’re the Beary Best Teacher Appreciation Gift {with free printable}

 It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! We love our teachers and wanted to find a cute way to let them know that we think they are the “beary” best!!! If you love your teachers too and want to make a Beary Best Teacher Appreciation Gift for them, it’s easy~ here’s what you do:


Gummy Bears
Candy Jars
Beary Best Printable (below)
Coordinating Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun

Grab a candy jar. Mine is from Wal-mart (three dollars and some change). Wash, dry, and fill with gummy bears. Print tags on white card stock. Use a 3-inch punch (mine is scalloped) to cut tag out, or use scissors. Wrap ribbon around middle of jar, glue with hot glue. Glue tag on top of ribbon. Embellish with ribbons around the top or anywhere that suites your jar. Take this to your teacher, say “thanks,” and wait for smile.

I think this is a fabulous teacher’s gift, but I also think it would work just as well for a girl-friend or co-workers birthday, or even just as a thank you to someone who’s helped you out! I’m always in need of a fun way to let others know how much they’re appreciated!


9 thoughts on “You’re the Beary Best Teacher Appreciation Gift {with free printable}

  1. Liz

    Thanks for having the printable! You see cute ideas but they are just way too hard to do on your own. Now I’m all set for teacher appreciation day.

  2. Silvia

    Thanks a lot! I am from Costa Rica, and was wondering in a special gift for my little kid boston 2nd grade teacher. I love the idea of thank you beary much!!! And I appreciate so much you include the printable sheet.
    Your page is awesome!


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