Baby’s Quilt

You may remember that we are expecting a little one this spring, a little girl, and this is our baby’s quilt. I used fabrics I had left over from this star quilt, simply because I love them. “Happy,” they say happy to me. I know it’s not your traditional baby quilt of pastels, but that probably doesn’t surprise you either. I wanted something vibrant, full of life, color, and energy – everything I wish for her.

I love how my fabulous quilter, Marge, stitched dragonflies into the design. I like to think that dragonflies remind us to embrace the beauty we already have, rather than to remain in a constant search for something we aren’t. While I acknowledge there is always room for growth and improvement, I think it is vital to recognize the amazing gifts and talents we are blessed with, and to value the treasures we already posses because if we constantly search for what we don’t have we may never find happiness or be content with ourselves. Again, more of what I want for this little girl, to always see the beauty that I already know she has – even before she’s born. 
Can you see it? They are stitched throughout the entire quilt. I lined the back with a raspberry sherbet minky fabric – ultra soft. In fact, it’s so soft that sometimes I wish the women at the fabric store would just roll me up in the fabric straight off of the bolt  - now that’s my idea of the ultimate cocoon of softness.
To frame everything with a little extra pop of color and add some texture, I used the same minky fabric for the binding.
I don’t have a decent picture of the entire quilt to post, and almost didn’t share it as a result. But I decided that if I waited for the universe to cooperate, it may never happen, so I apologize in advance for the last picture. Hopefully someday, it will get updated. 
I didn’t want to chance my husband having a heart attack if he caught me standing on a ladder right now, so that’s about as good as it gets. I think it’s good enough that you get the basic idea. Now that her quilt’s done, all we need is her. But I don’t mind if she takes her time….. I have a feeling she’s going take this world by storm :).

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