Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss – Green Eggs and Ham Candy Pretzel Treats

Friday, March 2, is Dr. Seuss’ birthday so let’s make Green Eggs and Ham Candy Pretzel Treats! By chance, my son was assigned to bring snacks to school and wanted to keep with his tradition of bringing something festive to celebrate his favorite author’s special day (he still thinks he’s the cat with the tall hat). I had seen these once made with yellow M&M’s for April Fools Day, and thought they would be perfect made in green as Green Eggs and Ham. We had a great time making these together (which I love). He is thrilled with the way they turned out and can’t wait to share them tomorrow. They are quick and easy and great for last minute treats!!!

Green Eggs and Ham Candy Pretzel Treats
  1. 1 pound almond bark
  2. Peanut butter M&M's, larger bag
  3. Stick pretzels
  1. Cover baking sheet with wax paper. Spray with cooking spray. Place pretzels in pairs spaced evenly across the wax paper. I would aim for 30 pairs, since we ended up with about 30 treats. Separate about 30 green M&M's from the rest of the bag and place in a bowl. Set aside. Melt almond bark as directed. Using a tablespoon, pour almond bark over pretzel pairs. Swirl with the spoon a little to help it puddle in an egg shape. Place M&M upside down in the center (they don't have to be upside down, but I'm a little crazy about details sometimes). Place baking sheets in the refrigerator until the treats set up. Enjoy!
  1. You don't have to use baking sheets, and can place the wax paper directly on top of your table. BUT they will set much more quickly and be a little more difficult for sampling fingers to find in the fridge. Trust me, I know.
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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss – Green Eggs and Ham Candy Pretzel Treats

  1. Jenn

    What a fun treat – I like the idea of adding the yellow M&M’s for Easter too! Did you announce the cookbook winner and I just missed it?


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