Thanks A Latte Printable

Thanks a latte printable

What do you think about this Thanks A Latte Printable? People amaze me. It’s true, I sometimes find myself surrounded with crazies who’s main purpose for existing is to make things difficult for others just  because they can. However, I also find that I know a lot of caring individuals using their amazing talents to extend kindness and happiness to those around them. These people should be celebrated because it is their acts of kindness that often have gigantic and lasting effects. These people choose love. People who choose love change lives.

Oftentimes thank you’s are reserved for special occasions and in response to gifts. While it’s totally appropriate to say thanks in these times, I like to acknowledge those times when someone gives a simple gift of their self. Gifts of time, energy,  or kind words or praise make the most difference. The best presents are in fact those of presence. I hate to think how often we not only fail to recognize these moments, but take them for granted as well. How sad. I try to remember to be mindful of those around me and of the gifts they extend to me and my family. I try really hard to celebrate the small things because I truly believe this is where happiness lives.

Happiness is found in the school crossing guard as he wipes tears from the eyes of a child who just scraped their knee, a friend simply showing up just because they can sense they are needed, or a teacher dedicating extra time and effort to make students feel like the treasures they are. These are the people making differences and changing lives. They shouldn’t go unnoticed. A simple thank you is all it really takes, but its fun to add a little something extra to make it feel special. This is why I love this “Thanks a Latte” Printable. It’s an easy, fun, and inexpensive way to let someone know they have made a difference in your life. You can just tie these tags to a cold coffee beverage as shown or attach them to the carton of four. You could also stick them to a coffee house gift card, or a reusable coffee thermos filled with treats. That’s all it takes to bring a smile to someone’s face. It’s that simple.

Thanks a latte printable tag

Thanks A Latte Download a Directions

All you have to do is download the document using this link, LattePrintable, print it onto card stock, trim it, and attach your Thanks A Latte tags to your gifts. Fast. Fun. Easy. I use a scalloped 3-inch punch to cut my tags out, but you could always use a glass to trace around or cut them into squares if you would rather. Have fun with it! You are sure to make someone out there feel pretty special. 

Click here to download the printable—-> LattePrintable


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16 thoughts on “Thanks A Latte Printable

  1. Abbie

    What a cute idea!

    So easy, and yet, practically nobody (except me, and I’m weird) would turn their nose up at frappucino.

    Thanks for sharing at Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL!


  2. Khorshed Alam

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  3. heartofafarmgirl

    Thank you so much for posting these! I used them today to thank the Dr’s and nurses who helped my daughter last week! I love them because they are pretty gender neutral and who wouldn’t want these pick-me-ups on a 12hour shift!? Would you mind if I post a picture of my “lattes” on my blog and link to your page for my followers to have access to them?

  4. Georgine

    Hi Jasey <3 Can't thank you enough for all these amazing ideas!! Getting so inspired with your work AND I would love to adopt these ideas for a corporate retreat in 2 weeks!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING šŸ˜€ Looking forward to more LOVES

    1. Jasey Post author

      Thank you so much Georgine! I will do my best to keep more fun stuff coming! Are you interested in anything particular? Have a wonderful retreat!


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