1st Grade Has Been A Latte Fun {Teacher Appreciation Gift}

First grade has been a latte fun, but school’s nearly out for summer! I cannot wait to have my kiddos home so we can play in the sunshine! As much as I love warm summer days surrounded with my littles, I am so very thankful for my kids’ teachers. We’ve had an amazing school year, filled with happiness and growth, which would not have been possible without them. They need to know they are loved and appreciated. Don’t you think? Here’s a fun and quick way to say thank you. I think gift cards really make nice gifts, but they seem so NOT personal. With a little effort, I find I can still give the gift card, but make it feel like some thought and care was put into the gift.

 Grab a fun mug, fill it with your favorite candy, stuff it with a gift card from your favorite coffee shop, print and attach cute gift tag, and you are all set. To wrap I used clear party treat bags from Walmart, placed some colorful shredded paper (paper Easter grass) in the bottom, set the mug and gift card inside, wrapped the top with the straw sticking out, and tied it with a fun ribbon that I attached the tag to. Super cute and easy to transport – maybe next time I will remember to get a picture. 

There are two sets of tags, one for grades K-5, the other for 1-6. I use this 3-inch circle punch to cut my tags out, but you could always use a glass to trace around or cut them into squares if you would rather.



Go thank those teachers so that you can get out and play!

Wishing you sunny days ahead!

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