Valentine, You’re The Best Worm For Me {Free Valentine Printable}

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and my boys love to participate in all the holiday fun, but you can bet your booties they aren’t going to be caught dead handing out anything mushy, which is why this best worm for me valentine is perfect for us. In fact, my eight year old covers his eyes at the hint of a kiss, like when Eugene kisses Rapunzel, totally not cool. And I’m okay with that, the longer he waits to figure out that he actually “likes” girls, the better, catch my drift? We always talk about words and how you use them. How you can use words that are actually nice but make them hurtful by the way you say them. For instance, if you roll your eyes at the same time you say, “I’m sorry” or “I love you” or use a nasty tone, the words no longer have the same meaning. We kind of do the opposite here – it’s not very often you can get away with telling someone that they make your heart squirm. I think it works here though. It’s just a fun way to let someone know you like them without actually “liking” them. All you have to do is grab some gummy worms, print the tags, and package everything up. You could use clear treat bags, pillow boxes, or even just attach the tag directly onto the original package if you wanted. I think it would be super cute if you could find bait buckets or Styrofoam containers that look like the ones you buy fishing worms in (like the ones soup comes in at restaurants) and mixed in some crushed Oreos for dirt. They would be fun to sneak into your kiddos lunch or make them for the entire class, there’s even a teacher tag included in the bottom set. Anyway you go about it, you are sure to add a little fun to someone’s Valentine’s Day. 

 I  use a 3-inch scalloped paper punch, you can buy one here. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, simply cut them out as squares, or use a glass to trace a circle out and cut them yourself.
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