Fun Valentine Tradition – Sampling of Box of Chocolates Before Getting Out of Bed

Do you have any fun Valentine traditions? Have you ever climbed into bed with your entire family to sample a box of chocolates? No?!? Well what are you waiting for? For us, this is tradition. On the morning of Valentine’s Day everyone crawls into our bed eager to crack open that heart shaped box. It happened first by chance, but we had so much fun that I couldn’t resist the next year, or the next for that matter. And now each year it is something we look forward to. We giggle and laugh and sample each chocolate eager to discover what is in their middles and which are our favorites – or not. Some of us prefer the cremes, and some the caramels, some of us hate the nuts, and others favor them. We taste and trade and laugh and giggle and smile and simply enjoy each other. Not only do we end up with a messy box of half eaten chocolates, we add to the memories that define our family. 

Do you have any Valentine’s Day traditions? We’d love to hear about them!

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