Red Licorice Chocolate Bark

Red Licorice Chocolate Bark is perfect for National Licorice Day. I bet you didn’t know that April 12th, is National Licorice Day! Did you? I didn’t either, until I Googled it hoping it was a true holiday so I had a fun reason to share this with you. Can you believe it is a real day!?! I think since it’s almost here, this is the perfect recipe to share. It’s kind of a crazy one, but I don’t suppose that surprises anyone. And it is so fitting because I created this treat for my dad, who might just define crazy. He’s just that sort of guy. He likes to eat HARD licorice. In fact, finding an old rock hard stash of licorice would  totally make his day. And he loves to eat chocolate with his licorice. Switzers, is his all-time favorite licorice, but it is nearly impossible to find around here. Which brings us to a debate as old as time. Red Vines or Twizzlers? If he is eating soft licorice he prefers Red Vines but if it is hard it’s a toss up between Red Vines and Twizzlers. I’m not sure what the science behind his reasoning is, something about being sweeter when soft?!? What’s your favorite? Anywhoo, I created this treat way back in February as a Valentine’s Day treat for him. I used the darkest chocolate I could find, to suit his tastes, again the whole sweetness thing bothers him, and Red Vines Bites because they are already cut into bite sized pieces and weren’t completely hollow like the regular Red Vine Twists are. I thought they would work better, maybe stay chewier. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around using the black pieces, but use what you think you would like. It was the perfect treat for him!

Red Licorice Chocolate Bark
  1. 2 (12 oz) pkgs of high quality chocolate, like Guittard's extra dark chocolate, semisweet, or milk chocolate
  2. 2 cups licorice bites, or chopped licorice twists
  1. Melt chocolate as directed on package. Pour just enough chocolate over waxed paper to thinly coat the bottom, moving side to side across the pan. Spread with spatula. Sprinkle about 1/2 cup licorice on top of the chocolate keeping them evenly spaced. Pour the rest of the chocolate to cover licorice, again moving side to side across the pan. Use a spatula to help spread the chocolate evenly, being careful not to move the licorice too much. You don't want them to end up bunched all together. Gently press the rest of the licorice into the top of the chocolate spreading them so they are evenly spaced all over the top. Place in fridge to set. Once set break bark into pieces. Depending on the type of chocolate that you use you may find that smaller pieces work best because large chunks get soft and messy before you have a chance to finish them. I didn't have too many problems with this bark, but when I use sweeter chocolate, I've noticed it does tend be a little softer.
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