Thanks for Helping me Learn and Grow Teacher Gifts in Butterfly Handprint Art Pots {FREE Printable Tag}


I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with their loved ones. We spent an amazing weekend celebrating my niece’s high school graduation. We are so proud of her and everything she has accomplished. It’s kind of bittersweet, you know? We work so hard to prepare our children for this big moment and when it arrives it is crazy difficult letting them go. Thank goodness mine have a ways to go! This momma just isn’t ready. And yet another school year is coming to an end. My boys love their teachers dearly, and wanted to give them something to say thank you for the amazing school years they had. Their favorite gifts to give their teachers are flowers, and things they have made, so we thought of a way to give them both with these butterfly hand print art flowerpots. I think they would make fabulous Mother’s Day gifts as well. My boys had a blast painting the pots, and with the exception of the paint all over my kitchen, I did too. Really it wasn’t that bad, and there isn’t anything permanently colored pink, but I would still make these outside if you can. I’ll explain how we made them. We picked out some of our favorite summery acrylic paints, grabbed some terracotta pots, chose some pretty flowers and went to work. These are super easy, seriously only taking about ten to fifteen minutes each. Taking turns with their right and left hands, I spread a little paint on each using a Q-tip, and helped them stamp their prints on the pot so they resembled butterflies. Like this

We waited a few minutes for the hand prints to dry and used a contrasting color to make the body by putting paint on the tip of the pointer finger and dotting up and down in a line in the center of the hand prints  I love projects like this that let little personalities shine through. If you look closely on the left, my oldest son placed his thumbs together to make part of the body and painted on his own antennae. In the pot on the right, my youngest son placed his hands so that his thumbs are the antennae and he painted smiley faces on his butterflies. We painted butterflies all around the pots and added From, and 2013 as well. To finish things off, we printed these tags, and used rulers as little potting stakes.
I use this punch, but you could use a glass to trace a circle with or just cut them into squares as well.  If you print these tags, would you mind leaving a comment below letting me know you did so or how you plan to use them? It would be great to hear that they are being used!
You can find more teacher gift ideas here.


On another note, I have been nominated in a contest for the Top 25 Foodie Moms. The contest runs for 6 more days, and you can vote once every 24 hours. You can check out all the fabulous blogs that have been nominated and vote for your favorites here. I’ve been hanging out in the 60’s… my goal is to place in the top 50 or better. If you’re a JCD fan, I’d love your vote. As always, thank you for your support:).

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