DIY Melted Snowman Ornament: Some People Are Worth Melting Over {Easy & Kids Friendly}

I’m always looking for fun projects to do with my kids and these DIY melted snowman ornaments were too cute to pass by. Christmas is no exception. They love making things for their friends and family, and their teachers! They love giving to their teachers. While I love the giving side of things, I also like to keep things they make as memories of years gone by. These little snowmen ornaments are cute and easy enough that we were able to make some as gifts and keep some for our tree. They remind me of an I Spy game because we are constantly playing with them and shaking them to see how the pieces arrange themselves. After seeing the new Disney Frozen movie, my kids are especially excited about these ornaments because of Olaf sings a song that goes something like “When it’s cold I like to cuddle but when it’s warm I turn into a puddle.” He also says, “Some people are worth melting for.” I totally love this so I made a last minute free printable tag to use with them for gifts. Aren’t they cute?

You can use pretty much whatever you’d like but these are the materials that we used:
~clear craft ornaments, glass or plastic might be better if you are worried about the glass breaking
~epsom salt, for snow
~glitter, optional, but adds a pretty sparkle to your snow
~black seed beads, coal for the mouth
~orange jimmies, picked out of an assorted container of sprinkles, for the nose
~ribbon, for a scarf
~small buttons, for buttons

Roll a piece of paper into a cone with a tip small enough to fit into the opening of your ornament. Remove the ornament’s top. Using the paper cone as a funnel, pour a few spoonfuls of Epsom salt into the ornament. Add some glitter. Drop in five or six black beads, two colored beads of your choice for eyes, an orange jimmy sprinkle, a piece of ribbon tied as you like for a scarf, and three or four small buttons. Replace the ornament top. Add a ribbon if you like and you’ve got a fabulous melted snowman ornament. Make some for your friends, keep some for your tree! 

You can even print this tag to use with the ornaments if you want to make them as gifts.

Some People Are Worth Melting for Tag by Jasey McBurnett (Jasey’s Crazy Daisy) #diychristmasornaments#snowmen#christmascrafts#easychristmascraftsforkids

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