Eleven Ideas for a Happy Valentine’s Day


I was poking around my blog archives and found eleven of my favorite Valentine’s Day themed posts.  I’ve included a few recipes, free printable valentine ideas, and a tradition  – all ideas that I thought were totally worthy of dusting off and sharing just in case you are new to JCD, missed out when they were new, or maybe just forgot about them. Be sure to check out our family’s valentine tradition – my kids can’t wait and have been talking about it for days already. Do you have any special Valentine’s Day traditions? What is your favorite way to celebrate?

Cherry Fudge {Two Ingredient}


Valentine Morning Tradition: Chocolates Before You Get Out of Bed

My family loves this! Click through to find out more about a super easy totally fun activity that’s sure to bring a little love and laughter to your family.

(Teacher, and non-teacher version)

12 thoughts on “Eleven Ideas for a Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. coolestfamilyontheblock.com

    These are awesome! I love the idea of chocolates in bed in the morning. Although…I don’t really want to share šŸ˜‰ I eat my chocolate alone!

    We have a little tradition called the “I love you shadow” that involves love notes to our kids and a scavenger hunt each day. Lots of fun! (and no one eats my chocolate! haha!)

  2. Janelle J

    I love all of these Valentine’s Day ideas! The cheesecake bars look amaaazing. And if I had a kid, I’d love the Dynamite Teacher craft! I’m dropping by from SITS šŸ™‚

  3. Jennie Janzen

    Seriously, how cute is the “my heart squirms for you”?! Thanks SO much for sharing all of these great ideas for V-DAY. We did the melted crayons in the shape of hearts. It was super easy… until I had to take them out of the mold! Either way, I love experimenting with fun little crafts and the kids enjoy it too! #SITSblogging

  4. Jessica

    These ideas are all so cute! My favorite is the fish theme. What a cute Valentine! Your site is so much fun and full of such great projects!

  5. Janine Mayes

    These are lovely! So cute! We don’t really do Valentines like this here in N Ireland but I love to see them on US blogs šŸ™‚

    Hi from SITS


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