Love Bug Printable Valentine Kit

I’m honestly a little surprised these fun Love Bug printable valentines made it in time for Valentine’s Day! It was one of those days where I had too much help. I had set everything up to photograph and turned my back for a second only to find my little one had scribbled all over the white boards that I use as back drops. I sat her in her highchair so she could color while I worked and she poured her juice down the front of her. The whole day was like that. But we all made it in one piece. It seems like things always get a little crazy when any holiday rolls around. There’s always treats to make, and gifts/cards/valentines to give, along with all the extra energy buzzing through the kids. Which is why I love sweet little gifts like this. They’re a simple, yet adorable way to let others know you’d like to be their Valentine. Who doesn’t love chocolate kisses? And they are so cute with the bugs on the bottom. These Love Bug Printables are great because there are so many ways to adapt them to your needs. Not only can you change the flavor of kisses, you can mix and match the tags as shown to personalize them. You could make extras to keep on hand just in case you needed them, but they go together in a snap and are great for last minute valentines too.

You can use the Love Bug tags to cover designs printed on lids, and hang the tags with the sweet sentiments to add a little extra cuteness. I love the little heart (pictured below) that the bugs have take a bite out of. Use them on jars, these mason jars turned out cute, but I think the square cracker jars that you can find at Walmart would be darling too. You could even use re-purposed jars that you have collected from home. If you want something simpler, the Love Bug tags also work well with treat bags. They are less expensive, and you might only want to give a handful of kisses depending on your circumstances. I certainly wouldn’t want to give my toddler an entire glass jar full of chocolate.

I think it would be fun to sneak in a few plastic bugs (my boys would totally get a kick out of that) or even to trade the kisses with toy insects if you wanted to stay away from candy. I went with the kisses,  afterall it’s Valentine’s Day and you’ve got to have a little treat on Valentine’s Day, right?


Love Bug Valentines

*Printable by Jasey’s Crazy Daisy

If you’d like to make some Love Bug Valentines of your own all you need to do is download the printables, cut them out, and assemble your gifts.

You will need:

*The bugs for the stickers have been designed to use with a 3/4 inch punch (sticker paper would be easier than cardstock or paper because of the gluing, but either will work) OR you can use Avery 3/4-inch round stickers (product 5408) which makes things so fast and incredibly easy – no cutting, punching, or gluing. If you want to use the stickers, email me at and I will send you the template I created for them so you can print the bugs directly onto them (OR NOW YOU CAN JUST USE THIS LINK, Love Bug Sticker Sheet Avery 5408 – JCD because I finally figured out how to load it!) They worked so slick – crazy easy! I’m sorry they aren’t attached for you to download, but I simply couldn’t get the word document to transfer to a PDF and still print correctly. Like I said, it’s been one of those days but I’d be more than happy to email you the document so you could use it too.

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24 thoughts on “Love Bug Printable Valentine Kit

  1. mompreneurstylist

    My kids totally believe in the “love bug” for valentines and she leaves them a tiny token valentine everyday for a week leading up to the big day! This will be the big day reveal! Cute idea!

  2. Jennifer S.

    How cute! I am not much of a crafter. Okay, I am not a crafter at all, but these I could do. I may run out tonight to get some supplies to try. The kids can use them for their Sunday School teachers this weekend.

    Stopping in from SITS!

  3. Jen K

    Aww love bug! I have dropped the ball with V day this year. I’ve had so much going on. Thanks so much for sharing this will the blogosphere.

  4. Jacqui

    Oh my gosh – how cute! This is a great idea and since I have a few days until Valentine’s I might even manage to use your adorable printables and make goodies of my own. I have all boys so this is a great idea! #SITSBlogging

  5. jennifer

    these are adorable! i call the kids my daughter nannies for my “love bugs” will have to make them an extra valentine i guess!! could you email me the template please and thanks

  6. Sarah Parkinson

    I would love to use your tags and labels. The labels I can download, but the tags keep telling me there is a virus in the program. Can you email them to me?

    1. Jasey Post author

      Sarah, I’ve emailed the documents to you. I don’t seem to have any problems with them on the blog, hopefully it was some weird glitch, but no matter, hopefully the emailed printables take care of everything for you šŸ™‚


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