You Are The Milk to My Cookies Printable {Free}

Milk To My Cookies Printable

Isn’t this You are the Milk to My Cookies Printable cute? I love easy fun ways to celebrate those around me! I have seen paper CD sleeves used before in Christmas magazines featuring them as cute ways to package cookies, however, I don’t seem to give individual cookies out as Christmas gifts. I do however think individual cookies make great valentines and I think using a paper CD sleeve as packaging is super cute, especially when paired with this fun label. I jumped on board with the you are the blank to my blank sayings and created this fun printable. Isn’t it cute?

Click this link to download printable —–>   JCD Milk2MyCookies Printable

Milk To My Cookies Printable


What kind of cookies should you use?

You can use whatever cookies you’d like to for your valentines. If you’re short on time you could even buy some of those soft Lofthouse sugar cookies, or you could make your favorite cookies to giveaway. We love the ones pictured. They are my new Cream Cheese Pudding Chocolate Chip Cookies with Red Velvet M&Ms.  They’ve been a BIG hit! I’ll be making my second batch in less than a week later today because my husband’s hooked. If you’d like to check them out ( you totally should) click here.


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12 thoughts on “You Are The Milk to My Cookies Printable {Free}

  1. Jenna Guizar

    Looks sooo yummy! And I love that printable! SO cute. I haven’t done ANYTHING for the hubs yet, so maybe this is a great idea for when he gets home from work. Thanks for sharing!! Glad to have found you through SITS šŸ™‚ ~Jenna


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