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Put Your Best Foot Forward Printable TagWe can’t always be there when we want to remind our kids that we are somewhere out in this great big world cheering for them which is why I created this Put Your Best Foot Forward printable. It’s the perfect sentiment to let our kids know that we think they are going to do great things, even when we can’t be right there. I designed them to go with the popular Fruit by the Foot snacks that my kids love. A little encouragement can’t ever hurt and neither can a little treat. There is enough ickiness out there that I think we should work to build each other up – especially within our own families.

Students in our school district have these huge standardized tests that they have to take every spring. As a third grader, this was my son’s first year to test so we made these Put Your Best Foot Forward treats to spread a little encouragement to his class. With a week of hardcore testing I think they had earned it. These would be perfect for lots of other occasions: auditions, gameday, first day of school, or even as a random lunch box note. They’d work pretty much anytime you simply wanted to encourage someone to do their best and they’d do great. Do you have any fun ways to cheer your kids on?

If you want to make some some Best Foot Forward Treats, you can download the tags by clicking here. Print them on paper or cardstock and cut them out. You can use scissors, or I like to use a 2.5 inch circle punch. Punch a hole in the top of your tags and also in the top of the Fruit by the Foot wrapper. Use some ribbon, baking twine, or raffia to attach the tags to your treats and you’re all set. It’s as simple as that.

Wishing a Happy Day to everyone!

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