DIY Monster Minion Hat

DIY Monster Minion HatMy kids are just as crazy for minions as the rest of them, but this little guy loves the monster minions the most and just had to have his very own (DIY) monster minion hat. Let me tell you about this little guy. He is quite possibly the sweetest little soul that I know. He tells me that I’m beautiful everyday, several times a day. He nearly always puts himself last, and is always looking to lend a helping hand. Last ice cream sandwich, here brother, you have it. Last to get out of the building after school because he is holding the door for everyone, yep, that would be him. He loves video games (more than his mother cares to admit) and his favorite characters are always the villains – Bowzer, the Joker, Venom, Anakin Skywalker, and yes, Monster Minions. He assures me he doesn’t want to be a villain, but that they always have the best powers. And without villains, there couldn’t be stories, so as long as he stays his sweet little self, I don’t care if he likes the villains best.  So when it came time to make my kids their minion hats, he asked if I thought I could make his a monster minion. Which is so him – he’s never been one to wear something or act a certain way simply because everyone else is doing it. When I’d take him to storytime at the local library, the other kids would be making a pizza as their craft while he’d make a caterpillar. He just beats to the tune of his own drum. I love that he dares to be different and hope that he is always comfortable enough in his own skin just to be him, because he is magnificent the way God made him. I think the world needs people like him who dare to think outside the box – people who will find creative answers to solve problems when nothing else seems to work. I will enjoy every single minute I have with him as a child, but cannot wait to see what he has in store for this world as he grows up. I’m certain he has a wonderful future in store. So now that I’ve gushed about my boy, should we get back to the monster minion hat? Would you like to know more about it? 

Monster Minion Hat

Since there are a ton of minion hat patterns floating around everywhere, I decided not to reinvent the wheel and write my own. I searched the patterns to find one that I thought was cute, and matched my skill level. Unfortunately the pattern, from this shop, that I used is no longer available. This pattern, is pretty cute though and it’s free! Anyways, find a pattern (crochet or knit) that you like and switch out the yellow yarn for purple. After the hat is finished, use purple fuzzy yarn like this, Fun Fur Yarn from Walmart, to make crazy hair characteristic to the little monsters. I folded the yarn in half, stuck the loop through a stitch in the hat, and pulled the ends tight through that loop sort of like the old latch hook rug method. I think it turned out pretty cute and he is thrilled, which is all that really matters, right?!

DIY Monster Minion Hat

Isn’t he quite possibly the cutest little monster minion you ever did see?Monster Minion Hat

I wanted you to know that the links I provided in this post are NOT sponsored or affiliate links. They are just great products that I used or thought would work well for you if you wanted to recreate this hat.

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