DIY Upcycled Freezer Basket Planter

 DIY Upcycled Freezer Basket PlanterSummer’s here. It sort of snuck up on me and came out of nowhere. With our soccer trips, field trips, special classroom projects, volunteering, award assemblies, and field day, I’m not sure there was time to breathe. Which is why new posts have been a little sparse lately. And while I am totally excited to have the time with my kiddos, I have to wonder what happened to the school year? Where did 3rd grade and kindergarten go? I packed how many school lunches? Wait, I don’t have to pack any lunches for a while? Yippeeee! Hello summer! Hello sunshine! Hello swimming pool. Hello lake. Hello flowers! I love all the bright flowers that are popping up everywhere. Just like everyone else, I enjoy adding them to my yard as well. We’ve got our fairy garden, and my chair planters, and this year, I’ve added this adorable little basket planter that is made from an old freezer basket. Isn’t it sweet? It came from my parents’ garage. I kept seeing this old basket hanging out in there and telling my dad, “Don’t throw that away. I want it.”  I didn’t even know what it was. He asked, “What do you want with that old freezer basket anyways?” The question was what don’t I want with it?!?! I could think of about one hundred things I could do. I thought about sticking it by my back door with shoes or hats and mittens stored in it, or setting it on my kitchen counter for cookbooks tucked inside, but I decided to line it with moss and use it as an upcycled freezer basket planter.Upcycled Freezer Basket PlanterIsn’t it darling? This is such an easy way to create a DIY wire basket planter! Who knew a freezer basket could be so stinking cute? And did you spot the little fairy? She’s such a sweet little addition to my flowers. 

Fairy Garden

What kinds of things do you use to plant your flowers in? Do you have any favorite planting containers?

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