DIY Light Sabers

Easy DIY Light SabersRecently my son celebrated his birthday, wowzers, where does time go? He desperately wanted to have a game with his friends that used Star Wars light sabers. We didn’t have enough of the real toy ones for everyone to enjoy and honestly, I was worried someone would get hurt with them. They are one of those things that I would love to magically disappear one day – too many “oops” happen with them because they always want to battle with them, and it never ever ends well. Someone always winds up in tears. So I started searching Pinterest for DIY Light Sabers. I found Muddy Boots’ pool noodle light sabers. What a fabulous idea! Not only do they look amazing, they are cost effective (I found the noodles at the dollar store), and I knew I wouldn’t have to worry too much about anyone getting hurt. The kids had an absolute blast playing with them. Don’t be fooled, the grown ups did too. They were a huge hit and the kids were tickled at the end of the party when they got to take one home. I love when I find projects that are easy and simple and that everyone loves. They made great party favors, but I think they’d be great costume props, you already know why I like them better than the toys, and it would be crazy fun to keep a stash around for a rainy day. They might even be more fun than Nerf guns. Making these DIY light sabers would be a fabulous activity to cure some of that summer boredom your kids might be experiencing. Whatever reason you make them your family is totally going to thank you because they are going to have so much fun playing  with them.

DIY Star Wars Pool Noodle Light Sabers

-pool noodles, one noodle makes two light sabers
-sharp knife, I used a bread knife
-cutting board
-duct tape (silver, grey, black)
-electrical tape, optional

Find the middle of the noodle and mark it with a sharpie. Use a sharp knife to cut noodle(s) in half. Cover the cut end of the noodle with duct tape, using overlapping pieces (refer to the above image) and wrapping the ends over the edges like so.DIY light saber hilt

Wrap duct tape around the noodle to cover the jagged ends. Use duct tape and electrical tape to finish the rest of the hilt. My kids used Sharpies to add extra details on their personal light sabers. There’s no right or wrong way to make them. Every one of ours was different.DIY Light Sabers

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    1. Jasey Post author

      Maggie, he’ll have just as much fun with them as the kiddos! The adults all went wild and even took home the extras so they could join in the light saber fun at home with their kiddos 🙂


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