Pumpkin Pie Rolls

Delicious Pumpkin Pie RollsWith my family’s love for pumpkin pie and cinnamon rolls and sticky buns it’s not wonder that we loved these Pumpkin Pie Rolls. With their sweet and spicy pumpkin filling and soft delicious bread, they are the perfect combination of pumpkin pie and cinnamon roll. We love them with a little homemade sweetened whipped cream or even ice cream – but they are fabulous on their own as well. I’ve served them for breakfast and dessert and these Pumpkin Rolls seem to fit the ticket for either occasion.  They are super easy to make because they start with Rhodes Frozen Dinner Rolls so you can get a jump on things and get out of the kitchen a little quicker. You can find the recipe for these Pumpkin Pie Rolls here

Click here for the Pumpkin Pie Rolls recipe.


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