Grilled Mini Pizzas

Delicious Grilled Mini Pizzas

I love pizza and these new grilled mini pizzas are no exception. I’m not sure about you, but we are only entering our third week of summer and there are already some days I try to keep the oven off to keep the house cooler. That’s one reason these pizzas are a win – no oven! I can also tell you that while some days I do actually enjoy cheese pizza, there are others days that I really really want toppings. Pepperoni, fresh mushrooms, sliced olives or sweet peppers, sausage (i love sausage on my pizza), pineapple, Canadian bacon, BACON, chicken, even asparagus, yep that’s right, asparagus! Sometimes I just need a little more adventure in my pizza than simple cheese. Options are endless. Tell me what do you like on your pizza? The fact that these are mini pizzas and everyone gets to choose their own toppings is the other reason I totally LOVE LOVE  LOVE these pizzas!  I can have my sausage and mushrooms, my husband his three meat pizza, my son his Canadian bacon and mushrooms, my other son his pineapple, and my daughter, well you get the point! Let’s not forget that everyone is happy which almost never happens especially at dinner time. The struggle is real. You know what I’m talking about.  It’s probably worth mentioning that these have actually turned into one of my kids favorite meals, lunch or dinner. They have so much fun creating their own pizzas! They have actually been requesting pizza nights. We like to set up a topping bar and find it is a really fun way to entertain as well. I’m anxious to hear how your’s turn out! You can find the complete recipe here.

Mini Grilled Pizzas

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