Ring in 2018 with a One Word New Year’s Resolution

One Word Resoultion

It’s time to ring in a new year…. Where does time go? While some of us are sad to see 2017 go and others simply cannot wait to start another year I suspect we all find ourselves in some state of reflection thinking about where we have been and where we have yet to go. I’m no different. While I like the thought of new year resolutions, I often get lost in creating them. It’s funny how simple things often end up so complicated. Thinking of all I have yet to do on this journey of mine can be overwhelming. But one word, I can ring in 2018 with a one word New Year’s resolution.

It takes a lot of thought to pick even one word but that word, that one simple goal, serves me well. Yet again as my life chases along and I’m moving forward with business plans grow seems to be a good pick. Almost 6 years ago, things got a little crazy and I lost some presence here. It’s part of my journey that I plan on sharing with you in the future. In fact I’ve got lots of new fun things planned for JCD this year. There will be more recipes and printables, more of my story, and more from the design side of JCD. Did you know I design logos and help companies with branding products, create digital invitations and themed parties, or that I recently opened my own store featuring products from JCD? Things are brewing here and I have BIG plans for the next year but I still know that my family is my number one, They are my heart and soul and because of this, BALANCE will be my word.  I plan to work really hard and to play even harder and  I know without balance I cannot succeed. So balance it is. Balance will be my center. 

What about you? Where does 2017 leave you? What do you have in store for 2018? Is there something you believe you need to center your journey on, to create a foundation to spring from? Will you ring in 2018 with a one word New Year’s resolution? One word. What will you focus on?

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