4th of July Shirts {How to make FIRECRACKER T-Shirts}

 Aren't these 4th of July shirts fun? I've been on the lookout for fun projects to make with my kids so when one of my friends was describing some t-shirts her kids had made at vacation bible school, I knew we had to try making some of our own. As she was describing them fireworks came to mind and so we set out to make ours red,…

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Butterfly Wreath

      I absolutely fell in love with this over at MaryJanes and Galoshes and just had to have one. I love how simple, soft, and beautiful it is. Taylor, the creative genius at MJandG, is truly an inspiration! Be sure to go on over and visit. I  promise, you will find at least one…

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Easy DIY Light Sabers

DIY Light Sabers

Recently my son celebrated his birthday, wowzers, where does time go? He desperately wanted to have a game with his friends that used Star Wars light sabers. We didn't have enough of the real toy ones for everyone to enjoy and honestly, I was worried someone would get hurt with them. They are one of those things that I would…

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Cute Monster Minion Hat

DIY Monster Minion Hat

My kids are just as crazy for minions as the rest of them, but this little guy loves the monster minions the most and just had to have his very own (DIY) monster minion hat. Let me tell you about this little guy. He is quite possibly the sweetest little soul that I know. He tells me that I'm beautiful everyday, several times a day. He…

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Easy Fabric Flower Tutorial {How To Make Fabric Flowers}

A little over a year ago, I started this blog on a whim, not exactly sure where it was going, or if anyone would ever look at it {thanks, everyone, for being a part of Crazy Daisy, which simply would not be without you}. These fabric flowers were posted in those early days. I had the confidence to share them, but not to tell how…

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Halloween Ghost Ribbon Wreath

  It's starting to get a little spooky around here. Fun spooky, don't you think?! Interested in a making a ribbon wreath yourself? Click here for a…

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How To Make Easy Lego Necklaces

  Have you ever wondered how to make easy Lego necklaces? We wanted to make them for my son's birthday party favors and found a really good tutorial here at The Long Thread that was a great beginning point for us. Though I really like the chains that they used, my kids have a really hard time working the ball chain clasps…

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