Good Reads

I love to read! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy getting lost in the pages of of book. There isn’t a better way to escape than through the words on a page. But life is crazy, hectic, and so so busy right now and sadly I have to admit that I just couldn’t find time to sit with a book and read, not if I was going to get meals on the table, take care of laundry and cleaning, take care of my kids with school, appointments and activities, and manage to find time to sleep. And then I found something called Audible. One of my very dear friends, thanks Rori, introduced it to me and I’m so glad she did! I wish I had found it sooner. It’s a audiobook service that you subscribe  for $14.95/month. You get one credit each month and receive 30% off additional purchases. There is also the option to purchase extra credits and you can swap any audiobooks that you don’t love anytime. You also have the option to purchase books using a credit card rather than use your credits which I do on occasion if a book I am interested in is on sale or just not very expensive. This way I can leave my credits for books that would cost more. Now I can listen while I’m cleaning, working, driving, and exercising. I’m ecstatic to report that I’m once again checking books off of my reading list! Wahoooo! Make sure to scroll through the post for a list of my good reads.

Another reason I love love love audible so much is because it’s great for road trips! One of my kids gets really sick if he reads in the car. I’m one of those crazy mean moms that doesn’t let them pay video games for the duration of the trip and you can imagine how that led to some interesting times! Are we there yet?!?! Now that we have audible our road trips are so much fun! We’ve found several series that our entire family has been exited about. I can’t recommend it more! Seriously give it a try. They are offering a free 30-day free trial with TWO credits. You get to keep your books even if you cancel which is pretty cool! What are you waiting for? Just click the link below to get started (it is an affiliate/commissioned link which means I might get compensated if you make a purchase with it. Thank you so much!). 

My Good Reads Picks

Now that you’re hooked up with Audible. Here are a few recommendations to get you started.  This list will change as I find new favorites so make sure to check back. I’d also love to hear about your favorite reads. Leave me a comment about them if you would. (These are affiliate/commissioned links also.)


This is one of my family’s road trip favorites! We all love this series!